Yes, it’s another post regarding the virus but this one is focused on your dog. We’ve compiled the latest information for you from veterinarians and the CDC.

There are no known cases of dogs contracting the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Pets can carry the virus on their fur, just like any other surface. More frequent bathing makes sense, especially if they have been in social situations.

Dogs are susceptible to a completely different type of coronavirus called Canine Coronavirus, which can lead to relatively mild intestinal upset.

In this video, a veterinarian gives 5 common sense tips on how to keep you and your pets safe during this outbreak.

Interview with the Chief Veterinary Officer for the AKC

“The CDC has not reported any cases of pets or other animals becoming infected with COVID-19…” See the full video interview here.

CDC Recommendations on COVID-19 and Animals

The Center for Disease Control posts its limited recommendations on the virus and animals. It primarily covers travel and importation.

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