Lyndsey Keegan

Lyndsey Keegan is one of the premier trainers at Off Leash K9 Training LLC of the New River and Roanoke Valleys. She regards her love of nature and her fondness for canines as a part of her upbringing.  As a young child, she aspired to be a veterinarian and eagerly read books about the care of animals. Her favorite book was an encyclopedia of dogs that never left her side. As Lyndsey grew up, her love of nature and dogs never waned but her studies shifted from being a veterinarian to pursuing her passion in art. She graduated from King College with a degree in photography and digital media. During her time in school, she missed spending time with animals but was lucky to have equestrian friends to soothe her soul. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Davidson, North Carolina and worked on a small urban farm with goats, chickens, pigs, cows and dogs.  While there, Lyndsey combined her skills in photography with her experience in agriculture to successfully work on the marketing and advertising of a small startup called the Chicken Fountain.

Eventually, the Shenandoah Valley called Lyndsey home. She began work on a dairy farm and continued to pursue her two loves- animals and photography.  She went back home and began working on a dairy farm and utilized her expertise in photography and digital media by photographing the dairy lifestyle for a small milk cooperative.  Also during this period, Lyndsey paired herself with a couple of amazing canine side-kicks.  She wanted to be able to take her canine partners with her daily and decided to utilize Off Leash Canine training.  Her partnership with Off Leash changed the quality of life for her and her dogs. She now takes them everywhere with confidence.  Lyndsey decided she wanted others to have this great experience. She now dedicates her efforts and love of animals to training dogs and owners about the benefits of being unleashed.