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  • 4 private, one-hour classes, e-collar and training leash
  • Trained on Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel, off)
  • Great option for an involved owner

Basic Obedience


2-Wk Board & Train


Basic & Advanced


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Because our booking calendars can fill up quickly, we have to limit the number of spots we can sell at these prices. If you'd like to enjoy these savings, PLEASE purchase early so you are able to get into our schedule!





  • Dog is Boarded for 14 Days w/ Certified Trainer 
  • All Basic Commands (come, sit, place, heel, down, off)
  • Dog will perform commands outside, off-leash and with multiple distractions!
  • Daily photo and video updates
  • HUNDREDS of Before/After Videos
  • Unlimited refresher training sessions for life
  • Off Leash GUARANTEE
  • Contact us directly to discuss date options and payment plan options
  • 8 one-hour classes, e-collar and training leash
  • Trained on Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel, off)
  •  4 Advanced Obedience Commands
  • Great option for an involved owner

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Save $300

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"We just completed our 8 week advanced training with Jessie Boggess. We have a 1 year old German shepherd who was extremely reactive and lacked any confidence. She was afraid and would bark at all men and children. Prior to off leash we had taken her to two different trainers. Both of which she learned skills, but nothing that helped with reactivity, or taught us how to manage her. So they really did not help us. Just after the first two lessons with Jess we really noticed a huge turn around in our GSD, Sadie. Jess was willing to answer any and all of our many questions, and would always give us extra helpful tips and advice to work on at home. After finishing all 8 weeks, we are now able to walk Sadie completely off leash, which is something we never imagined. She is able to be around kids and let men pet her now. Overall this training has given our dog and us more freedom and reassurance. We couldn't thank Jess or off leash K9 training in Blacksburg enough!"

Hannah. S. | Verified Google Review

Betty G. | Verified Google Review

"OLK9 was everything I expected it to be. Our trainer, Jessie, did a great job with my dog Quincy, who is very protective of our family. She knows her subject matter very well and the e-collar training was very effective. Quincy responded well and still does. I couldn't be happier with our experience with OLK9 and would highly recommend their training sessions to anyone. Thanks again OLK9 Training!! "

"When we first got Nora she was a bit hard to contain, every time she got a chance to get out the door without a leash she was immediately gone as fast as she could run and we would either have to wait a few hours for her to come home or try to track her down and lure her to us with treats but more often than not she just thought that was a game and ran by us and took off again. Going out without a leash was simply not an option. After one lesson we were able to take her out without a leash and she would still test us a bit, but very quickly learned how far away we were comfortable with and we always felt like there was no danger of her running off and potentially getting hurt. After 4 lessons and some practice we no longer have to worry at all and she is so much happier not having to be on a leash and being free to run around and explore. And when we need her to come or sit still for any reason she doesn't hesitate. We are much more relaxed and don't have to worry about her and can enjoy our time outside or walking much more too. Casey did a great job and we couldn't be happier with him or the company.

Greg W. | Verified Google Review

"I had Cristen as my dogs trainer and she was nothing but wonderful. I never thought my dog could ever be trained but Cristen is very patient and will take care of your dog. I highly recommend off leash. "

Matthew R. | Verified Google Review

L. Long | Verified Google Review

"Shugga and I are so enjoying her off leash life! Lyndsay did an outstanding job with her. Now, if a deer goes through the yard, all I have to say is “Down” and she will just lay there watching without chasing. We still let her chase the squirrels since they just run up the nearest tree, but she comes right back as soon as we say “Come”. She loves that we can throw her ball way across the yard and she can chase it and bring it back. Life is so much easier and she loves not being on a leash in the yard. I highly recommend this training."

"We could not be more pleased with Kim and the intense two week training results. Prior to training Rio did not follow commands. Now he consistently follows the critical commands such as come, heel, sit, down, load up. We appreciate Kim’s professionalism and highly recommend her! "

Stuart H. | Verified Google Review

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